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What are shrubs and bushes?  
Both  are woody plants, that are relatively low in height. They have several stems rising from the base. Unlike trees which have one single trunk. Most shrubs and bushes will have a mature height of 15 feet or less, they may have flowers and possibly fruit.

Evergreen shrubs save energy, by shading homes, paved area, and air conditioners. Shrubs also slow cold winds in the winter. Need to know what shrubs and bushes grow best in Utah? How to plant and care for them?

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We have a large selection of flowering and evergreen bushes.    

Barberry                 Honeysuckle 
Distenia Plum         Inkberry 
Boxwood                 Juniper
Broom                     Oleander 
Dogwood                 Privet 
Euonymus               Prunus 
Hibiscus                  Sage
Holly                       Tea Tree 
and many more....



Jerry's Nursery and Garden Center has a large selection of deciduous trees (trees that lose all of their leave each fall) and evergreen trees.  

Maple                           Fir
Flowering Pear             Pine
Honey locust                Spruce
And many more.....

Trees are a great addition to any yard. 
If put in the right place, trees provide shade, beauty, wind protection, privacy and bring wildlife to the landscape.
Now a days saving energy is very important.  Homeowners are going to great length to conserve energy. Planting a tree in your yard is a beautiful way to conserve energy. In the US it has reduced yearly heating and cooling costs by 2.1 billion dollars. 

We have a large selection of evergreen, shade and ornamental trees

Come in and receive first hand information and tips.  Jerry will tell you what is the best tree to plant and how to take care of them.

Shrubs & Bushes


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