We also have a large selection of herbs to choose from

​Come in and get first hand information & gardening tips!

Strawberries grow better in sandy, well drained soil. Raspberries prefer cooler temperatures and are very cold-hardy.  Fruit trees must be pruned every year, usually during the dormant period. That peach trees only last around 15 years.

Come into Jerry's Nursery and garden center, and receive first hand information from the garden Doctor.  He can tell you why your fruit tree won't bear fruit.  Quick tips on how to care for all your fruits and berries.

Check out out selection of fruit and berry starts.

Strawberries           Apricot
Raspberries            Huckleberry
Grapes                    Cantaloupe
Apples                     Honeydew
Peaches                   Watermelon
Cherry                      Nectarine
Plums                       Pears
And more..

Whats right for your vegetable garden?
There are so many varieties of vegetables to choose from.  
So the best thing to do is a little planning.
What vegetables should you plant? 
There are several kinds of beans to choose from, 
how about corn, broccoli, cucumbers  just to name 
a few. 
When do you plant?  
Some plants grow best in early spring, like
carrots, and radishes.  
Others you need to wait till May, like pumpkins 
and most squash plants.​
When is the best time to harvest?  
All these question and more can be answered.  
Just come in to Jerry's nursery and we can help.

We have a large selection of vegetable starts and seeds to choose from:
Corn                Peppers            
Broccoli           Cucumbers
Onions            Pumpkins

Asparagus      Cabbage

Eggplant         Lettuce

Peas                Potatoes

Radishes        Zucchini
Over 26 varieties of tomato plants

Fruits and Berries


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